Spring Challenge 2019

Results, Relationships, Community

12 Weeks Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.

At GPS2.0 we believe that to make lifetime changes there are no “quick fixes”. Challenges are great ways to lay the foundation for long-term success but they are NOT end goals. Overtime, only a consistent application of lifestyle changes will lead to long term success. This program will help you learn good habits and take a common sense approach to clean eating habits and group exercise. Ready to get off that crazy train of start and stop extreme diets, deprivation, and all or nothing restrictions? Our team can help you get there. We don’t just tell you what to eat, and when to exercise; but, we believe in educating and teaching you the why’s behind these practices. We also provide a community of encouragement and working together as a team.

Challenge cost covers weekly meal plan and some additional at home workouts and cardio. You must attend 15 classes during the 12 week challenge to stay eligible for the grand prize.

1st, 2nd, 3rd place for women and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for men.  To add a little twist and some healthy and fun competion  we are also including a team challenge. Teams will be awarded points throughout the challenge for weekly team challenges that are built to promote lifestyle changes. The winning team will be the team with the most points at the end of the challenge.

Each challenger will have the option to purchase class cards or unlimited monthly classes (see pricing below).

March 25th: Weigh-ins 6:30am-10:30am
June 17th: Final weigh-ins 6:30am-10:30am

Challenge Cost $150.00

Spring Challenge Package – $350

Bundle and Save Big! Challenge Package includes:
12 week challenge
Unlimited Classes during the 12 week challenge
2-30 min consultations
(6 week check in and end of challenge review)


Class Schedule

Click on the Link to see the Class schedule.




10 Pack Class Card – $100
(*expires after 2 months)

Six (6) Months Unlimited Monthly Classes – $85 monthly

(*6 month commitment)

Twelve (12) Months Unlimited Monthly Classes – $75.00 monthly

(*12 month commitment)

*6 and 12 month unlimited classes-Your credit card will be billed once per month, with the billing date coinciding with the initial date of purchase (i.e., if a contract is purchased on the 15th, the billing date for each month will be the 15th).

Workshops (Nutrition, Cooking Classes, Grocery Tours) $50.00

Variety of Workshops will be offered throughout the year

Our mission is to not only show you the basics to get you started on your fitness journey, but to continue to educate and equip you to learn your body and what works specifically for you. We believe challenges are a great starting point; but, after the basics it is time to take it to the next level. Through workshops, Cooking classes and grocery store tours you will discover how to make the best nutrition choices for YOU in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle when the challenges are over.

Dates and Time TBA

Small Group Personal Training Sessions $10.00 per person

This is designed for those who are ready to take strength training to the next level. Must be group of 5. This is optional training and not a part of the class cards or monthly packages.

30 Minute One on One Coaching Session $30.00

For those in the challenge or not in the challenge. Are you on the right track or still running in circles? Go through your diet in real time, give feedback, troubleshoot, goal setting and homework to get you pointed in the right direction.

Spring Challenge Bundle Package – $350

Bundle and SAVE BIG! Challenge package Includes:

12 week Challenge
Unlimited classes during the 12 week challenge
2- 30 minute consultations
(6 week check in and end of challenge review and set new goals)



Payment can also be made by Check, Credit Card, Cash, Paypal, and/or Venmo.

We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to be a part of this amazing family! Our goal is to motivate and inspire YOU; both, physically and mentally by creating a fun, safe, non-judgmental and life changing experience for anyone at any level; creating more than just a gym environment but a family.