It’s the new year and once again you are making that resolution list. Right at the top is “this is the year I am going to make it to that magical number on the scale”! “Yes, it’s been on the list before but this time is going to be different. This time I will keep the weight off for good”!

January arrives and you hit the ground running! By the end of the month you have only missed a few workouts and you are feeling pretty accomplished.

February rolls around and you decide it’s way to cold to go workout and you will just skip one day. That day turns into a week. Not only did you miss a day but you went back to your old eating habits. You feel guilty and mad at yourself so you skip some meals and drag yourself back to the gym. Energy levels have gone down and after missing a week your body feels like it forgot all of January. You promise yourself you are going to get back to that routine and it will be a lifestyle change! Your body is tired and hungry since you are still punishing yourself for missing so many days. Friends from the office invite you for dinner and drinks after work and you skip the gym and go…….

Sound kind of familiar? Maybe not exactly, but we have all been there….a time or two. So how do you make it stick? How do you actually loose the weight, keep exercising and stay healthy? How do you make this a lifestyle?

Here are a few tips that can help you turn that corner and actually make a lifestyle change.

First DO NOT do it for a superficial goal, such as a weight you want to achieve, a body fat percentage, a pant size. These things should be seen as a result of the effort you put in. Have realistic expectations, and put your focus on the process, not on a magic number on the scale or to do it all in 6 or 8 weeks. STOP trying to get to the finish line as quickly as possible – that’s why you failed in the past.

Find your WHY. You need to think about not just what you want, by why you want it. Find an inner purpose. When you ask yourself, “Why do I pursue fitness?” you find your ‘why,’ and that gets you through the tough times; those times when you talk yourself out of showing up at the gym or yoga studio or wherever. Some examples could also be, because I want the picture I have of me in my head to match the outside me, because I want to run a Spartan race, because I want to keep up with my kids, I want to stay healthy and be able to be active with my grandkids. I want those numbers at the doctor to change.

Schedule your workouts in advance. Sit down on Sunday and look at your week. Put your workouts on your calendar just like any other important appointment. YOU are a priority. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

80/20 Rule. No one is perfect. Don’t dwell on being perfect because here’s a clue, no one is. It’s called being human. If you miss a day don’t let that be an excuse to miss the rest of the week.

Listen to your body. If you feel like you got hit by a ton of bricks when you wake up maybe a heavy weight lifting routine is a bad idea. Find an alternative movement that gets your heart pumping or gives you some counter balance like yoga. Perhaps just go for a walk. It doesn’t matter, just move or take a rest day if you need it.

Exercise does not have to mean misery! Don’t suffer through a particular type of exercise if you hate it. There are plenty of ways to get your heart racing and your body moving. Exercise is only a 20% piece of the formula, any exercise is a bonus so enjoy what you are spending your time doing. Think of it this way, if this is a lifestyle, you never get to “be done”. You are always a work in progress. So suffering unnecessarily to reach a goal, just so you can stop, won’t work.

Find your Tribe- Build momentum and keep it by surrounding yourself with people who make you better, who encourage each other and who push you to be better. These are not people with superior genetics. These are people who work full time jobs, they have kids and grandkids, they have hobbies. They are single moms, college students, some have never stepped foot in a gym in their entire life. They come from many backgrounds and journeys but they all meet together to workout, share each others milestones and encourage each other. Making this a lifestyle becomes so much easier when instead of having to choose to skip the gym to go out with friends you can go hang out with friends at the gym.

Get Phit Studio2.0 will equip our clients with the above fundamentals that will help turn that corner and not only make this a lifestyle BUT a fun lifestyle you love! No more resolutions, just results!

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