Big Announcement!

I am so excited to announce that starting January 1st, 2019. Get Phit with JEN will become Get Phit 2.0! New ownership and leadership! Congratulations to Kathy and Shawn for taking over what I started.

My fitness career began over 20 years ago, I have done so many things and have been able to change many lives, and create a positive 
environment in the health and wellness industry. I am a true believer that life is short, we must live fast and not miss opportunities. I started GPS
over 9 years ago in Burlington, NC. I have loved the community and the people. Alamance county has been so good to me. They are truly the driving force behind my success at GPS. But in life, one thing is inevitable, and that is change, and in this case all the changes are good. My life is going in so many wonderful directions and now is the time for me to hand my business and my passion over to my friends. Please support me, Kathy and Shawn, and our GPS mission.

I have known Kathy and Shawn longer then anyone in Alamance county. They were fans and friends of mine during the early years of my fitness career. They have stuck by many all these years. THEY are the sweetest and most amazing people. They have what I have and that is passion for others and love to see others succeed. I am grateful and fortunate to call them friends. I am also blessed to have them take over what I have built in Alamance county. I plan to fully support and will continue to visit the gym and teach for them during this transition. I also will continue to support my long time clients who have made so many wonderful changes in their life. YOU can not stop now. I have so much invested in you and I want to see you continue this journey. See you on Tuesday nights 🙂!

I would like to THANK my staff, my assistants over the years and my GPS trainers. THEY have helped make this a HUGE success in the community. I love you all very much and am forever grateful for your commitment and loyalty to me and the community of GPS. Together we made a difference.

I also want to THANK my clients. I love you more then you will ever know or understand. My dreams for you will never fade. I believe in you always. YOU will be left in amazing hands and I am always a phone call away. THANK YOU for being in my life all these years, you are the reason I have done this for so long and helped set up a solution moving forward.

I am off to some great things and the next chapter in my life. I fully support and ask you to join me as GPS gets a couple of fresh faces and wonderful ideas
to continue to help so many. Burlington is very lucky to have 2 people like Kathy and Shawn who have years of fitness experience, certifications in personal training and
nutrition, and who are so genuine. Help me support them and GPS. Lets make 2019 Amazing together!

May you all be blessed with good health and much love.



Jen Hendershott