Winter Weight Loss & Nutrition Program


GPS- Your roadmap to a healthy lifestyle.

No more detours!

Let us guide you on the first leg of your journey!

Join our Winter Weight Loss and Nutrition Program that starts January 16th!


This challenge is perfect for you if:

  • You’re having a hard time starting your new health and fitness goals on your own
  • You’ve been setting the same New Year goals of “getting in the best shape of your life” for years now
  • You want to look & feel better day-to-day (and you’re tired of waiting until swimsuit season to crash diet your way to short-term goals that never last)
  • You want a SUSTAINABLE way to lose fat, get stronger, and keep your hard-earned results
  • And you want to have FUN getting it done!
  • STARTING JANUARY 16th– A Complete 6 week WEIGHT LOSS Meal Plan designed for weight loss BUT NOT DEPRIVATION.  Simple meals, easy-to-prepare, taste GREAT – AND – no cooking experience required!
  • Weekly “Print & Go” Grocery Lists So You Know Exactly What To Buy…
  • “Go off plan” one meal a week without “derailing” yourself and having to start over on Monday again.
  • Learn how to support your metabolism beyond the food you eat. We’ll talk about sleep, stress, hormones, gut health, and inflammation.
  • Set up for Success: A comprehensive resource manual that shows you the best ways to keep motivated… even when you feel like giving up…
  • Exclusive Access To Our Private Facebook Group! Meet other people transforming their body, asking questions, share experiences, and get advice; our private Facebook group gives you the support, and accountability you need to fast-track your weight-loss success!
  • BONUS  – If you are local –  7 weeks of unlimited Small group Strength Training Classes at Get Phit Studio!
  • BONUS – Phit Foundation – (week of January 9th ) Introductory week of Basic Strength Training classes. Classes will take place the week prior to the challenge start date.
  • BONUS- Nutrition Workshop (Sat, Feb 25th) At Get Phit we want to educate and equip our community with the tools they need to make healthy choices and good nutrition past their challenge. We want to teach our members how to make this a lifestyle that fits them and their lifestyle! No crazy restrictions, detoxes, processed packaged food or drinking shakes all day.
  • ADD ON OPTIONS: If you follow our 6 week plan YOU WILL HAVE LOST WEIGHT AND FEEL GREAT BUT that’s not the end. You will have the option to meet one one one with our nutrition specialist who will calculate what YOUR custom macros (calories, carbs, fats) YOU should be consuming for YOU and YOUR lifestyle. No more guessing and gaining the weight back. Along with your custom macros you will receive 2 weeks of additional meal plans based on your custom macros. We want to show you how to take those and move forward and maintain a healthy lifestyle.