Goodbye 2020 — End of Year Sale


Even before the pandemic we had decided that we wanted to keep GPS a small community. We are passionate about helping one person at a time and connecting with them where they are at. We can’t do this if all we are focused on is packing more people into class. It’s never been about the money for us, it is about impact, one person at a time. So when the pandemic hit and we realized we had to “pivot” it didn’t take much thought at all.

Smaller classes, more individualized small group training, and even more personal connection with each of our members.

We are running an end of year special with a very limited number of spots and would love for you to join us!


$299.00 includes:
Unlimited classes September – December ($95 per month)
8 week weight loss Fall Meal Plan ($150)
One on one consultation with a certified nutrition coach to help set your individual goals. ($100)
Community that loves, inpsires and motivates one another (priceless)
Value $535.00+