Family Friendly Dinner Recipes


Let us help you take the stress out of family mealtimes!
Inside you’ll find 10 healthy & delicious recipes which need 10 ingredients or less and will be on the table in under 30 minutes!
The recipes contain everything you need for a healthy balanced meal and it’s friendly on the waistline too.
Spontaneous family meals can be stressful and often less than nutritious. I’ve learned that a little bit of planning and preparation are key to stress-free meal times. I think we’re all in favor of making life just a little bit easier.
And so, here’s how we recommend how you use these recipes: 
• Browse the collection and pick out the recipes you’d like to cook for the week ahead.
 • Adjust the serving sizes to suit your family (each recipe is for 4 people). 
• Write a grocery list for any items you need. 
• Hit the store or shop online (being armed with a list will deter you from making impulse purchases saving you money and food waste). 
• Squeeze in some meal prep over the weekend like chopping veggies and storing in a container in the fridge (this step will make mid-week dinner prep that little bit quicker and easier when time is of the essence).